Thursday, June 21, 2018

Evaluation of farmers’ clubs in Mozambique

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs announces a tender for the mid-term evaluation of a programme aimed at increasing farmers’ income through farmers’ clubs.  

The programme builds on cooperation between the Mozambican NGO, ADPP, and its Finnish counterpart, UFF rF. The idea of farmers’ club is that they are self-support groups to which ADPP provides training and technical assistance. The Finnish-financed project includes training on agricultural value chains and marketing and micro-financing. The objective is to contribute to reduction of rural poverty in selected districts of Mozambique through developing small-scale agriculture and increasing wealth of farming households.

This mid-term evaluation will analyse how the project is performing, with specific attention to marketing and micro-finance. It will also look at how project beneficiaries are performing in comparison to the other farmers in the region and whether there is potential for scaling-up of to other areas.

The ministry notes, however, that Finnish funding will not be continued beyond the end of 2018.

The deadline for the submission of tenders is May 12, 2017.