An overview of Nordic aid budgets

The Nordic countries, with a combined population of 26.5 million, contribute more than 11 per cent of global aid. Each year, Development Today analyses the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish development assistance budgets. Here is an overview of headlines:

Swedish caretaker government: aid at 1% of GNI in 2019, few clues about priorities (Read)
Norway: Fragile states, energy investments top priority in Norwegian budget (Read)
Denmark scales up education aid, part of broader strategy to stem migration (Read)
Yet another lean year, but light in the tunnel for Finnish aid (Read)

Sweden: New budget: SEK 6b increase in Swedish aid to be spent abroad (Read)
   Aid surge: Sweden aims to be major global development player (Read)
Norway expands aid to fight terrorism and fund other global goods (Read)
 Denmark resumes funding to multilaterals like GEF and GAVI (Read)
Finnish aid at a standstill as budget arrives at Parliament floor (Read)


Norway: Fourth year with no real growth in Norwegian aid (Read)
Sweden: 2017 budget proposal aligned with UN Security Council agenda (Read)
Denmark: Terminates NGO agreements, cuts funding to GEF, Global Fund (Read)
Finland: The EUR 400-million question (Read)

Sweden: UN wins as aid budget expands despite tough times (Read)
  Stricter Swedish asylum policy may diminish cuts (Read)
Norway: New deeper cuts to influence priorities for years to come (Read)
Denmark: Axes aid. Cuts mainly hit UN agencies and NGOs (Read)
Finland: Aid workers and diplomats face lay-offs as historic cuts take their toll (Read)
   Finnish and Danish NGOs hit as massive cuts become a reality (Read)
DT analysis: Reach of Nordic aid diminishes in 2016 (Read)

Sweden: Aid pays heavily for Sweden's open immigration policy (Read)
  Interview. Climate breakthrough out of reach. Isabella Lövin's tough initiation (Read)
Norway: High stakes. New focus on aid for fragile states (Read)
  Political deal in Oslo. Climate takes stronger grip on 2015 aid budget (Read)
Denmark: Aid boosts export drive, weakens focus on poor countries (Read)
  Danes triple aid to be spent on asylum seekers (Read)
Finland: Climate quota income softens impacts of Finnish aid cuts (Read)

Sweden: New aid minister inherits budget following Gunilla Carlsson's sudden exit (Read)
Norway: UNDP to take another hit in 2014 from its largest donor (Read)
Denmark: Budget focus on Africa and Danish firms (Read)
Finland: Counting on carbon credit auction income to boost support to UN agencies (Read)

Norway scales back on UN, expands climate aid (Read)
More domestic refugee spending beefs up Swedish aid budget (Read)
Friis Bach lowers flag over Danish aid (Read)
Finland rewards multilateral agencies, NGOs (Read)

Stoltenberg’s fingerprints on Norwegian aid budget (Read)
Sweden expands aid to Africa, funding of UN agencies at a standstill (Read)
Denmark cuts aid to Global Fund and UNESCO (Read)
Finland: Hautala loses first budget battle (Read)

Norway cuts in 2011, scales up aid funding of hydropower firms (Read)
Sweden boosts aid, regains leading Nordic donor role (Read)
Denmark freezes aid, spends more at home (Read)
Finland plans to grow aid budget in spite of hard times (Read)

Norway holds back Africa aid to finance climate and refugees (Read)
Swedish budget 2010: Africa, WFP sheltered from dramatic cuts (Read)
Finland: Marginal increase in Väyrynen's aid budget for 2010 (Read)
Danes reduce UN funding, step up private sector aid (Read)

Budget 2009: Norway plays down UN, Africa (Read)
Sweden launches untied mixed credit scheme, punishes UNDP (Read)
Stalled again. Finnish aid growth fails to keep up with targets (Read)
Denmark holds back on UNDP, World Bank as Africa aid expands (Read)

Norway: Socialist Left Minister makes u-turn, boosts World Bank funding (Read)
Swedish Conservatives aim for bigger programmes, fewer countries (Read)
Finland boosts country support in 2008 budget (Read)
Denmark steps up Africa aid, UN support at standstill (Read)

Sweden: SEK 30 billion budget, Swedish aid remains at 1 per cent of GNI (Read)
Finland plans massive boost in budget support to EUR 52m by 2009 (Read)
Denmark proposes cutting long-term aid commitment to Africa (Read)

Norway: Frafjord Johnson’s last aid budget focuses on Africa (Read)
Sweden scales up support to UN and World Bank, Africa key priority (Read)
Finnish NGOs receive large funding increase in 2006 (Read)
Danish aid level to drop to 0.8 per cent of GNI in 2006 (Read)

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