Thursday, December 14, 2017

How Norway crippled Nobel laureate ICAN by cutting vital funding

How Norway crippled Nobel laureate ICAN by cutting vital funding
On Sunday the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. It is a slap in the face for Norway’s Blue-Blue government which brought the organisation to its knees two years ago by cutting all its funds. Norwegian aid accounted for almost 90 per cent of ICAN’s budget.

Two Danish NGOs merge. Huge new child sponsorship actor targets public funds

Two Danish branches of international NGO alliances, Plan Denmark and BØRNEfonden - Children and Youth Foundation, have merged to form the largest privately-funded development NGO in Denmark. Though both currently draw most of their income from child sponsors, they are looking to expand support from government donors.
MSF drags Pfizer to court in India over patent on high-cost Gavi-funded vaccine

MSF drags Pfizer to court in India over patent on high-cost Gavi-funded vaccine

The medical humanitarian aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières has taken the Indian Patent Office to court over a patent it recently granted to Pfizer for the pneumonia vaccine, Prevenar 13. MSF argues that the patent will stifle competition, blocking the development of cheaper, generic versions of the vaccine.

OECD urges Finland to restore it ‘flagging’ development aid

Massive cuts in the development cooperation budget have pushed Finnish aid to its lowest level in a decade, reports the OECD peer review of Finland, released this week. The Paris-based aid watchdog calls on the Finnish government to produce a roadmap for restoring support to least-developed countries and reaching the UN-recommended aid target of 0.7 per cent of GNI.

Maria Håkansson takes over the helm at Swedfund

The board of the aid-funded investor Swedfund has appointed Maria Håkansson as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Norway refuses Guyana’s request for oil sector aid, pressures government for clean energy plan

In the wake of massive oil finds off the coast of Guyana, the government in Georgetown has asked the Norwegian Oil for Development (OfD) programme for assistance to manage its burgeoning petroleum sector. Norway has turned down the request, but Guyana is still hoping Norway will change its mind.

Norfund, Swedfund pledge to scrutinise partners, but not to reveal their names

Secrecy and transparency are at the core of the debate over Development Finance Institutions’ (DFIs) use of tax havens for routing investments to developing countries. Søren ...

Norfund: Love and angst for Mauritius

The Norwegian aid-financed risk capital fund Norfund has routed one out of eight of its global investments through Mauritius, a highly secretive tax haven, according to tax campaigners.

Definition of aid. Takeaways from OECD donor gathering in Paris

At a ministerial meeting in Paris 30 donors agreed on new common rules for reporting domestic refugee costs as Official Development Assistance (ODA) and paved the way for some Caribbean island states hit by Hurricane Irma to become aid eligible again.

European aid-financed investors’ tax principles ‘weak,’ says Tax Justice Network

The branch organisations for European development finance institutions (DFIs) have drafted six new principles for responsible tax in developing countries. The advocacy research group Tax Justice Network is “shocked at how weak” the proposals are.

Struggling to breathe life into Finnish UN business

Finnish companies’ sales to the UN system have virtually crashed over the past five years. The Foreign Ministry in Helsinki is working hard to reverse the negative trend.

Sweden re-thinks aid to Myanmar, former PM urges Norway to give more

Sweden puts plans for state aid to Myanmar on hold after hundreds of thousands of Rohyingya have fled from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh over the past two months. Sweden was a top donor at the recent UN Rohingya appeal. The level of Norwegian support for the Rohingya refugees has so far been more limited. Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik urges Norway to give more humanitarian aid.

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